Monday, August 16, 2004

It was a dark and stormy night.
Two girls, camping on a beach, seek shelter. By mistake, they stumble into a rickety old house. In one derelict room they find an elderly couple bundled up in a decaying bed. With hollow eyes and sepulchral tones, the old man cackles fiendishly at them and says,

"You might as well die now. There's no hope for you now that you've been exposed to it."

And what is the loathsome disease the girls have unwittingly been exposed to? The man continues.

"You can litter one box, and you'll escape. But as soon as you litter the second box . . . you . . . will . . . DIE!!!!"

No, that's not supposed to make any sense. But it's what I dreamed last night. Why littering? Why boxes? Why the one free toss? I have no idea.

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