Friday, April 16, 2004

Twists and Turns

DOB's knee is slowly improving, but it's obvious something has to change or he will just keep reinjuring it. Part of that something is his job, which as it stood involved long hours and a lot of time walking around, hunting down clients. (As he said, he could do great if he was just a senior representative and people would come to him.) So, almost exactly one year after deciding to take this job, and having spent down most of our savings trying to make it possible, we were casting about for something else. Some prayers are answered a lot faster than you expect. On Monday, DOB walked in to talk to another representative--the one with whom, a few weeks ago, he was interviewing assistants for in hopes of taking on one jointly. He starts work Monday, doing the desk part of the job while the other rep goes out and talks to people. He says it makes him feel sort of like Dick Cheney.

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