Friday, April 02, 2004

An Evolved Understanding

Even the slightest hint of questioning the orthodoxy of evolution, as everyone knows, calls down fire and brimstone for violation of the First Amendment. Even if you don't mention the "c" word or the "g" word.

But what if you want to use religion to endorse evolution? Ah, that's a different matter entirely. The National Center for Science Education, a private organization dedicated to promoting teaching evolution (is that all there is to science?), has used a government grant to develop a website to help public school teachers teach evolution. Among the resources are links back to quotes from religious organizations on how believing evolution is just fine. They even use the "c" and "g" words!

So what's the real state of the First Amendment? The establishment clause is already defunct. We have an established religion: it's called scientific materialism, the worship of blind material processes. Anything that furthers this religion is allowed; anything that detracts from it is prohibited.

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