Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Abortion March

Bunnie Diehl has a host of pictures and commentary from the national abortion march last weekend. (Caution: Not for tender eyes or the faint of stomach.) The overwhelming feeling I've always got from seeing this kind of protest, in pictures or in person, is how very anti-life these people are. I don't just mean they support abortion; I mean they reject life and its goodness. They deny the personhood of children, and so they begin to destroy their own personhood and reduce themselves to slogans and causes and festering bitterness. One doesn't see many smiles at these rallies.

Even that quintessentially amoral Alfred P. Doolittle had a better perspective when one of his drinking chums asked what he'd ever given his daughter:

"Anything? I give her everything. I give her the greatest gift any human being can give to another: life.

"I introduced her to this here planet, I did, with all its wonders and marvels.

"The sun that shines, the moon that glows. Hyde Park to walk through on a fine spring night.

"The whole ruddy city of London to roam around in, sellin' her bloomin' flowers.

"I give her all that, then I disappears and leaves her on her own to enjoy it.

Now, if that ain't worth half a crown now and again, I'll take my belt off and give her what for. "

Because Doolittle still loved life, as corrupted as his version of it was, he can still be a lovable rascal. But who could write a comedy starring an angry feminist?

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