Wednesday, April 28, 2004

May Day

When I was a little girl, May Day was the occasion for two things: My grandmother singing "Today's the first of May, May, May; Today's the first of May" very, very off-key. (I still have no idea what the tune is.) And for making little construction paper baskets and filling them with stray flowers and leaving them on people's doorsteps.

Then I went to work in Olympia and found out that May Day was some sort of international holiday for the proletariat, characterized in Olympia by wealthy college students behaving despicably in the main streets, protesting they know not what (except perhaps public decency laws). Sensible people who had other options avoided downtown on May Day. Ohio is if anything more union-y than Washington, but I have heard no rumors that the holiday is celebrated as vigorously.

This year someone's adding a new option for celebration. May Day for Marriage, a rally at Safeco Field in honor of traditional marriage. No doubt it will draw some lively folks on both sides of the debate. (This is Seattle, after all. Anybody remember WTO? At least this time people will know what they are protesting.) I don't see any signs of similar events in other states.

Perhaps all three holidays should be combined in some sort of "Free-Flowers-for-the-Marrying-Proletariat" celebration. This would be handy, as wedding flowers can get really expensive. (Tip to brides: Try Costco.)

I need to plant some May-blooming perennials so that Baby and I can make May baskets in 2007.

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