Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Yesterday I returned from a long waddle. (Three blocks out and back. That's a long way when every step hurts.) The ducklings were blowing bubbles with Wondergirl in the front yard. D2 came running to greet me and asked, "Can I hug the babies?"

"Yes," I said, "Hug the babies and tell them they can come out now."

"Oh!" he said, "Are they coming out now?"

"No. Believe me, if they were coming out, I would be making very strange noises."

"I want them to come out so they can hold my fingers. Will they come out when we go inside?"

"Probably not."

Nor did they.

A few other words of wisdom from the ducklings:

"Firemen put out fires and cowboys put out cows."

"Cowboys ride on cows to catch horses, but I don't know what cowgirls ride."


Anonymous said...

sigh, I remember the 4 weeks between when they attempted to induce our first born and the actual date of his birth... and I remember that my next child was due September 1st, that I refused for her to be born on the day the towers fell, and how they then forgot about me and she was born on the 21st...

So... you have my prayers!

Melissa said...

very cute! hang in there, in the meantime...