Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Guessing Game

After what happened last time, I'm a little nervous about posting this. But I refuse to be superstitious.

So, it is time to guess when D3 and D4 will arrive and how large they will be. Winner gets . . . can we award the same titles we used last time? If not, you'll have to be content with bragging rights.

Enter guesses as to: The date of their joint arrival, the time between their individual births, and each one's individual weight. If you really want to play outsmart the ultrasound technician and guess a different gender combination than we have been told, that's up to you.

Pertinent Facts:
Official due date is July 8.
Although twins proverbially come early, that's just an average and accounts for the larger number of people with complications. I haven't had any complications or any signs of labor so far.
I've never gone overdue.
I currently have no backup plan for induction or c-section. My doctor is committed to letting nature take its course, assuming there's no signs of trouble. I'm going to start taking long wobbles as soon as Wondergirl arrives on the 17th, though.
The twins have been measuring right on target for single babies of the same gestational age, with the advantage of an ounce or two going to the boy at last check. Ultrasound weights are notoriously sketchy, though.


the Joneses said...

June 20
4 minutes between
6lbs, 8oz (boy)
6lbs, 6oz (girl)

June 24
12 minutes between
5lbs, 6oz (boy)
5lbs, 2oz (girl)

Carrie said...

Ok, before all the "good dates and weights" get taken:

June 30th
8 minutes between
6lbs, 4 oz (boy)
6 lbs even (girl)

CappuccinoLife said...


June 28
10 minutes between
6 lb 3 oz-boy
6 lb 1 oz-girl

steph said...

July 8. That's my birthday. They should come on July 8.

Henry Cate said...

No guesses, just best wishes.

Good luck.

Kinsleys3 said...

July 4th - It's only fitting they come out as little patriots!

Fe said...

July 5 (for the first one, at least:-) My twin cousins were each side of midnight:-) )
15 minutes apart
7lb 3 oz (boy)

Julie said...

June 21st, 2008
(first birthday of my nephew
wedding of my brother
why not birth of your twins?)
21 minutes in between babies
5 lb, 5oz (boy)
5 lb (girl)
Look forward to hearing the news!