Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Identity Crisis

The ducklings have been insisting, with a surprising degree of consistency over several days, that each is the other. This sounds cute in the abstract. Switching places at the table was no problem. But what about comfort toys at bedtime--is that just asking for a midnight squabble?

When investigating the scene of a crime, how does one tell the difference between confession and accusation?

Toothbrushes--definitely the line must be drawn at swapping toothbrushes.

And then there's the whole factor of one being potty-trained and one not, which occasions much inappropriate small child mirth.

Eventually the parental mind becomes overtaxed with being corrected at every turn. "No, I'm not D2. I'm D1!" DOB was at last forced to declare a ban on assumed names until the grownups have more mental energy.

And privately commented that he had thought it most unfair long ago when his parents had enacted the same rule.


songbirdy said...

lol! Just hope they don't turn to assuming the nature of an animal!

Ben, Kyri & Rachelle said...

The creative abilities of your young ones is not lacking. They will write marvelous plays and be quite entertaining. Their audience is about to expand; perhaps they are just rehearsing new acts.

Perhaps you should encourage D1 to role play with Mama for the next week or so. She could potty-train D2 for instance, do some cleaning, and entertain the children (you being one of them and needing naps and such).

Queen of Carrots said...

Um, that's the trouble. She DOES try to potty-train D2. NOT a good idea.