Thursday, April 24, 2008

Three More Days

No, I'm not planning to go into labor this weekend. (At least I sure hope not. I've felt rather weird all day, but I think it's just . . . feeling weird.) If all goes well, I should have eight more weeks of whining about hip pain and trying to find clothes that fit.

But I just tallied up how many days I actually have to prepare for the babies' arrival. I don't have the energy or brain functionality to do any moving boxes, organizing or planning on days when the ducklings are here. Either dinner or diapers would have to go. Nor do I have much energy left on days when I have a doctor's appointment.

So, there are only left the days every other week when the ducklings are visiting Grandma and I don't have a doctor's appointment. Between now and when I automatically go to weekly visits, that leaves three days.

Three days just doesn't seem like enough time to get ready for anything, let alone handling two newborns. Still on the list to do:
  • Find all the baby-type gear and clothes in the attic and have it accessible (having anything accessible in our attic is a miracle).
  • Pack a hospital bag.
  • Acquire places for the babies to sleep and ride in the car.
  • Write down everything I do around the house and a simplified rotating menu plan so that our very kind and generous helpers are not asking me questions all the time. (Something I find far more fatiguing than doing the work myself.)
  • Set up things with a doula, talk to La Leche League about feeding two at a time, exercise and prepare for the birth (and convince these babies to get their heads down).
  • And, of course, take it easy, drink lots of water, eat lots of protein, and not stress so as not to be going into labor anytime soon.
I wish I had eight weeks for preparation and three days for feeling pregnant.


Wendy from Zoom said...

But you only have 6 things on the list. Just try 2 a day... :)

Devona said...

If you can get a LLL Leader to do a home visit you can just go sit in the back yard and let the ducklings play in the mud while you guys chat.