Saturday, April 12, 2008


Today we went to the license bureau to get our new license plates. On the way out, I caught a whiff of the pancake house a couple storefronts down.

Naturally, even though I had just eaten three poached eggs on toast for breakfast, this set me off into pancake craving. Pancakes are not something we usually have, because we lack a griddle and it just seems like too much trouble. But this time I could not deny; I went home and mixed up a double batch of blender pancakes and a pan of brown sugar syrup.

I ate half of it. All by myself. Two hours after breakfast.

It wasn't that hard (the cooking--or the eating, for that matter). I wondered why I didn't fix this for breakfast more often. Then I remembered: oh yeah, I just ate half the pancakes. All by myself. There are at least three other people who need breakfast, too. But the blender won't hold more batter.

We seem to be outgrowing all standard kitchen equipment. I should know what bigger families do, but I can't seem to get my head around what we should do. It seems to me all the big families I know have taller kitchen helpers, which makes multiple batches or multiple dishes more doable. (That, and I don't know any little kids who eat as much as the ducklings.) I'm not sure what to do until my assistants top four feet. Buy an industrial-sized blender?

The good news is, I'm not that hungry for lunch, so there should be enough to go around. And we've got some nice leftover pancakes for snacks.


Mama Squirrel said...

Yes, I know what you mean about the kitchen equipment. We've functioned since marriage with three-and-a-half quart slow cooker, and it's only recently that I realized how many families out there have a BIG one, big enough to hold a decent sized chicken. Ooh, the green envy thing raises its ugly little head, much like the evil Cheese Curls in the latest Veggie Pirates movie.

But my real want right now is a breadmaker, so I'm not even going to worry about the size of the slow cooker. It'll do. (And how would I ever fit a bigger one on the counter plus everything else?)

songbirdy said...

I've been pretty lucky in finding larger capacity kitchen appliances. For example, I have a 3 lb bread machine at the moment. What makes this sweet is that I managed to buy it for $-15. I used Store loyalty dollars and sold my brother the year-old warranty replacement 2 lb machine.

For the blender, well, I've found a Braun all in one type of machine that has a much larger capacity... I believe it is the Combi Max 600. This one I didn't do as well in purchasing but my mother did give me all of her extra parts that she doesn't like and use so I did okay in the accessory department. And she's going on 5 years with her CombiMax, so I was okay in spending some $ for the new version as I've never seen them second hand!

Karen said...

Pancakes are great. :)

I've been thinking about cooking for a larger family also, as we have 2 boys and are expecting a third baby in October. I am thinking of trying out a smaller scale version of once a month cooking.

Most of all I've been contemplating a 2nd fridge/freezer or freezer. Thinking of asking for one for Mother's Day. I'm not sure if we would use it enough.