Thursday, October 25, 2007

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Lately D1 has been quite intrigued by the intersection of physics and eschatology, or more precisely, by the idea that everything on earth will fall apart but we will go to heaven where everything will last forever. I forget why I brought it up, but I told her that our house would fall apart someday but Jesus was getting one ready for us in heaven.

D1: "What about our car?"
QOC: "It will fall apart, too."
D1: "But we need our car to get to heaven!"
QOC: "Jesus will come and get us."
D1: "Oh, does Jesus have his own car?"

Sometime later that day I heard her trying to convey this idea to D2, who was not interested. She finally called out to me in frustration, "Mama! D2 doesn't want to fall apart or go to heaven." Perhaps, like the child in the old joke, he was concerned that she was getting up a load for tonight.

Today while getting changed she commented, "Pretty soon we will have no house and no clothes."
QOC: "Why not?"
D1: "Because when our house falls apart it will smash our clothes."

I tried to assure her that nothing was going to fall apart any time soon, not that she seemed at all distressed at the prospect. Meanwhile D2 would rather put a blanket over his head and be a monster, until he runs into the furniture. Perhaps the thought of being eternally secure against a bonked head would render him more interested in his future state.


nsremom said...

Kids can be so literal! My daughter was 5 when she had a fit about moving out. She just couldn't understand that SOMEday she'd want to....

it's hard to look that far inthe future.

Carrie said...

Theology 101 taught by Prof. D1. That would be an entertaining course!

melissa said...

I love the kid conversations that you share. It's really fun to see kids perspectives in life.

Thanks for your recent comments on my blog. You're right...Eric and I were at your wedding.

So you know, I think we came across your blog through a family newsletter.

Uncle Steve said...

Cool logic - a falling house hurts the clothes but not the people. I like that sort of invincibility!

Queen of Carrots said...

Obviously we will be leaving with Jesus, so no harm to us will ensue.