Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How to Politely Drive Your Mother Crazy

At the lunch table:

D2: How was your day, D1?
D1: No, thank you.
D2: How was your day, D1?
D1: No, thank you.
(Repeat without stopping until lunch is over.)


Uncle Steve said...

Just remember - no matter how much it seems otherwise, this stuff is not directed at you. You're the audience for their theatrics. Sit back, grit your teeth, and enjoy the show.

melissa said...

very cute!

SongBirdy said...

My Aunt told me one day,

"Remember how you used to be concerned that they weren't talking? And I told you to sit back and be quiet?"

Just about as annoying! Lol!

Ah... your young ones are growing up! Hopefully they'll think of something else tomorrow which won't be nearly so annoying!

Carrie said...

But sometimes its hard to enjoy the show. Esp. when they KNOW that they are getting to you. Perhaps that is the trick. Not letting the irritation show. So how'd you fare?

Queen of Carrots said...

I ignored it pretty well. It wasn't directed at me. They were trying to irritate each other, and both demonstrating laudable resistance to the other's irritation. So I could only applaud. It's much better than screaming.