Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bright Moments in Capitalism

It is time for the toy catalogs to appear, which means it is time for me to mock the ideas toy manufacturers come up with in an effort to keep people coming back for more.

Actually we get a few toy catalogs which contain a fair number of toys that even I could see some sense in, given an unlimited budget and space. (Feeling at my capacity for Seeing Toys Get Picked Up, though, I'm not that wistful over them.) There is still always something to mock.

In one catalog, for $9.99, you could purchase for some eager young crafter, ages 3 and up, a paper chain kit. That's right, in case you couldn't guess, it contains paper strips and a glue stick. You don't even get to cut out the paper chains yourself, so no scissors are included. That would probably make it too dangerous. Although there is still the peril of paper cuts--perhaps the edges of the paper are sanded?

It does remind me that D1 is starting to be interested in scissors, and would probably enjoy making a paper chain some rainy day. I already picked up some glue sticks, for fifty cents or so at the back-to-school sales. Now all we need is some colorful paper. I think I have just the thing.


Eric and Wendy said...

A paper chain kit?! That's appalling! An idea if the ducklings want to make a chain: it's getting close to Thanksgiving, they can make a thanksgiving chain they can draw a picture of something they are thankful for on each link. D2 is probably too young but D1 might be into it. (and I could sell you some paper strips in Fall colors...)

Meredith said...

I love what I see in For Eager Hands and Montessori Services catalogs, but a lot of them are "homey things" that can be easily replicated with smaller versions.

I've begun to pick up things like little cream pitchers for pouring exercises.