Monday, October 08, 2007

Misery Loves Company

Things that are Miserable:

1. 90-degree weather in October.
2. Teething toddlers.
3. Reorganizing the personal finance files.

Since I can't do anything about 1 and 2, I might as well throw 3 in and get a lot of misery over with at once. Supposedly it's going to rain and cool off tomorrow. And since I can see two-year molars coming through, perhaps D2 will be done with teething altogether soon, putting an end to the ever-flowing river he's had since five months old, and he won't have to spend next winter dressed like this:


chickadee said...

i'm with you on numbers 1 and 3. and maybe my tooth needing a crown would count as number 2.

Zippy said...

I'm actually enjoying the warm weather. I'm dreading the cold and rain and snow that's just around the corner. I've been drivin' the 'Stang with the top down every day to take advantage of the weather while I can.