Thursday, March 01, 2007


Today normal life is more or less resuming. (Although I still don't have to cook supper! Yay!) The kids are back, showing no signs of psychological trauma from being gone. They grew up about three months while they were gone. D2 is now talking in sentences, if you are willing to interpolate the fifteen words he left out. ("Mo-bahk" means "I would like some more soup when Mama gets back, please.")

It was a bit of a shock to have them back yesterday afternoon. I had never noticed just how much I get up during an average meal. (Fill everyone's bowls. Sit down. Refill D2's bowl. Sit. Take D1 potty. Sit. Refill D2's bowl. Sit. Take D1 potty. Sit. Refill mine and DOB's bowls. Sit. Refill D2's bowl. Take D1 potty--frequency of trips inversely correlates to her fondness for the food.) It's a good thing I don't like to sit still and know how to eat fast.

I spent a lot of the morning lying down and reading Goodnight, Gorilla over and over. D1 could "read" it just as well as I can, but it's always better when I do it. I also wiped a lot of runny noses. These never-ending colds are getting downright ridiculous.

Today I must wash laundry, and I am commencing on a new theory of Not Folding, except for my shirts and slacks. Everything else either hangs up or is just going to get wadded anyway.


Ben, Kyri & Rachelle said...

You sit down at lunch? Wow! :)
Welcome home Ds!-rlr

Queen of Carrots said...

If I don't, they start screaming, "Sit! Sit!"