Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Random Intriguing Questions

If you could get yourself transformed into a book, which book would it be?

If I knew I could get back out again reasonably soon, I'd really like to go to Wonderland or perhaps through the Looking Glass--odd and disorienting, but a very intriguing place to visit and learn the rules. But if I was doomed to stay the rest of my life, I'd probably want to go to somewhere quiet and livable like Avonlea. Entertaining as Middle-Earth or Narnia might be, I'm not really adventuresome enough to want to live there. (Yes, I am reading the Inkheart books.)

If you weren't a Christian, what would your religious/philosophical beliefs be?

I would almost certainly be a hard-nosed nihilistic materialist. Only what is scientifically provable exists in any meaningful sense. Truth and beauty are human constructs, pleasant enough but with no basis in reality. Neat, tidy, and eminently intellectually respectable these days. I wouldn't miss the hereafter, because I have trouble believing in next Thursday, let alone immortality. I would miss an objective basis for truth and goodness, and so would occasionally be tempted to become a high pagan or something like that, but I would never have the nerve.

How about you?

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the Joneses said...

I'd be either a careless materialist, because I wouldn't bother to stop and think about higher things; or a New Age pagan, which acknowledges the supernatural in a comfortably self-centered way.

-- SJ