Saturday, March 17, 2007

Loose Ends

As of this morning, I've had one full week's worth of sleeping well all night long. I can't remember the last time that happened, but I'm pretty sure it was a long, long time ago. When I get no sleep, the world is a dark and dismal place, the house is a mess, the ducklings are cranky, and we're lucky to remain fed and clothed. When I get sleep, the world is bright and beautiful, the house is tidy, the ducklings and I have marvelous fun together, and putting food on the table is hardly an effort at all. It's a shame to be so dependent on such a mundane activity, but such is the trouble with having a body.

But having sleep leads me to a new problem: What does one do besides survive? I can't remember. I know there is more to housework than dishes and laundry, I know I had heaps of projects I want to work on if I ever had the chance, but I can't remember what--or if I do, the number of choices are too overwhelming to choose among.

It reminds me of when I came off of a very restrictive allergy diet and could eat anything I wanted all of a sudden. It was quite disturbing for the first week or so. I had gotten used to the challenge of turning the six available items to eat into something palatable, I could hardly deal with the challenge of choosing among all the food in the world. Maybe that's why people keep themselves overcommitted and run the tv in the background--it spares you the trouble of figuring out what to do in an idle moment.

Anyway, the consolation is, I probably won't have surplus energy for very long. No doubt someone will come up with a new nighttime disturbance soon enough.

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