Monday, May 10, 2004

Random Observations

1. Relaxation is where you find it. Rational people might not think that a man on crutches and a woman seven and a half months pregnant would find hiking at the lake the best form of relaxation. But it was fun. And yes, we were both too tired to see straight afterwards.

2. I have now learned how to open the gas cap on the station wagon. This has been a long source of frustration for me, culminating two weeks ago when I spent ten minutes at the attempt and finally gave up. DOB gave me lessons on Saturday and had me practice until he was sure I had grasped the principle.

3. Distressing news: Abigail is one of the top ten girl's names. How could we have sunk so low as to choose a popular name?

4. Yard sales are cool. This weekend I found assorted pristine cotton baby outfits and blankets, three fabric sunflowers that match the bedroom, and a very sturdy little wooden rocking horse. Total expenditure: $5.

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