Thursday, May 13, 2004

Minorly irritated

Our birthing story went over well, despite being six times as long as anyone else's. (Apparently I took "story" too literally; no one else included dialogue or even stream-of-consciousness reflections.) So that was good. We have all been such good students we will get done a week early, so next week is our last.

However, I seem to have lost my mind entirely today. I forgot to pack DOB's lunch, so he is having to subsist (as far as I know) on a biscuit with jam left from breakfast. And today is the day he works late. Also today I was taking him in all his pens and his special flag mug to keep them in, and I foolishly thought I could carry that and two large, heavy upright file sorters. And navigate three doors unassisted. So I broke the mug.

I promise, DOB, I am not still upset at myself. Just very slightly perturbed.

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