Monday, May 24, 2004

I Left My Car in Hicksville

The weekend meeting of the Ohio Young Republicans in Toledo went well. DOB presided over a smooth debate of rules and platform, including a lively but cordial discussion on our position over gay marriage. I was duly elected secretary and took a lot of notes on the back of programs, because I had forgotten to bring any notepads. However, I understand the expectations for secretary in the League are relatively low, showing up being sufficient for me to rank among the most dedicated. We ate well and had a room with a great view of the fireworks shot off at the ballpark each evening.

On our way home on Sunday, we had made plans to visit a friend in Hicksville (it's really on the map) and attend her church. On the way down, the a/c quit, then funny noises and smells began to arise, and at last we pulled over just outside of town and the car died altogether. I threatened to go into labor on the side of the road just to round out the experience, but Baby seemed content to stay put.

Over the course of the afternoon we found a mechanic who diagnosed a blown head gasket. We were still over two hours from home. But to make it there we wound up going the other direction, into Indiana (througha terrific thunderstorm), to rent a car at the nearest airport. So we arrived home very late, very tired, and considerably poorer than we had budgeted for. (We will probably have the mechanic up there fix the car and have someone bring it down next time DOB's family goes to Michigan.)

But, we were home in one piece! And now I must go deal with the aftermath of the trip. I might go make the bed. Then again, I might just crawl back in it.

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