Monday, June 18, 2012


Sometime last winter, we bid on a second-hand playset at an auction. We lost the bid. Then the people who won the bid found out it was somewhat different than they expected, and we got asked if we wanted it after all.

We did. So we made arrangements, and Toolboy and B5 drove up to help transport it. Toolboy had just purchased and installed a playset in his own yard, so he thought his truck was well up to the task. "We might just be able to tip it over into the truck and drive home with it."

Then we arrived, and saw the structure in question. It was not one of those cheery little sets one sees advertised at the hardware store. It had been built from scratch, of four by fours, and the main platform was nearly as large as the ducklings' bedroom. Tipping it into the truck was out of the question. So was leaving quickly.

The builder and the now-too-old beneficiary were busy dismantling it, and when Toolboy arrived with more tools he and B5 started working too. The ducklings found a small pond to get soaking wet in, and DOB and I finally reluctantly started to wield tools even though we usually try to leave such tasks to people who are moderately competent. However, this looked beyond even our powers to break. I was a little concerned as most of us were busy dismantling the bottom supports while Toolboy was still taking apart the top--and Toolboy is no lightweight--but it all came down in the proper sequence.

At the end we did have to tip it over to finish dismantling it. Just tipping the frame took five people.

Anyway, it all came apart and it is now sitting in a heap in the way back. When we have the nerve to put it back together, it should be ample play space for all the ducklings. In fact, we may just move them out there.


Darren said...

I am impressed. I really dislike those projects that turn out to be a lot bigger than planned, and I probably would have left.

Carrie said...

Wow. This thing sounds impressive!