Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Birthday season has begun. And our first and biggest birthday girl turned eight last Friday. There are many good things about turning eight. For one, no more booster seats!

For two, you are old enough for the summer drama programs! The Duchess will be performing in "Annie, Jr." at the local theater the weekend after next and she has been gone every morning, practicing singing and dancing. When she's home, she's usually busy marking up her libretto or belting out "Tomorrow."

It's been amazing to me to watch how she handles this. It's the first time for me, letting my kid go out and do something with total strangers. And she just does it. Asks questions when she needs to. Lets me know what she needs. She's taking on the world (or at least this little slice of it) by herself, with confidence and poise, and it's great to watch.

At home, she still loves to draw, read, organize elaborate fantasy games, and help me organize and plan.


Darren said...

Happy birthday from Virginia, Duchess! And congratulations on your involvement in drama - I had a lot of fun with community drama programs when I was young.

Diary of an Autodidact said...

I am enjoying watching my kids spread their wings a little too. It's amazing how well they do at navigating these things.

Rachelle said...

Cannot believe how tall she looks. Ben is 8 but much smaller, and alas, still must use his booster. Especially if he wants to see anything. Happy birthday!

Carrie said...

I can't believe she's 8!

Happy (belated) birthday!

the Joneses said...

I've watched her grow up on this blog. :) Somewhere along the line she went from cute toddler to pretty girl and I'm a little startled by the change! Happy birthday, Duchess.