Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Snarky Things I Don't Say on Homeschool Forums

OP: Why do my friends and relatives make these snarky remarks about how I'm "super mom"? Just because I keep a clean house, feed my family healthy food, get up early, enjoy homeschooling and have a great marriage. I still struggle just as much as anyone.

SQOC: Well, I don't know about your friends, but now I hate you, too.


OP: I've been using (XYZ religious curriculum) but I want something that is more Bible-based. Like would have all of history and science taken from the Bible.

SQOC: Has it occurred to you that the Bible was written before the last 2000 years of history and scientific discoveries? How, exactly, do you think this is going to work?


OP: I've been reading (Old Book) but I'd really like something that comes from a more Biblical worldview.

SQOC: You do realize that when  you say "Biblical Worldview" you mean "precise alignment with the theological trends of a small group of modern North American Christians," right?


Diary of an Autodidact said...

I love this series.

For the record, my house is usually a mess (if it isn't, the kids feel they have not done their duty), I hate mornings, fantasize about being independently wealthy. I will admit to enjoying teaching the kids, cooking, and smooching my wife.

You may now commence a love/hate relationship with me ;)

I might also say that I find it irritating when homeschooler sorts insist on finding things they agree with in EVERY RESPECT. Am I to assume that they have browbeaten their spouses into agreeing with them? Or did they find robots? Do they really assume from this experience that everyone else on earth throughout history would agree with them on every point?

I get the feeling that they think that the process of learning is to surround themselves in a bubble of likeminded thought. I want to scream, "Just because you disagree with something doesn't mean you can't learn something from it!" Gah!

Queen of Carrots said...

I actually only hate people who can keep their house clean with children in it.

Danica Newton said...

Hi! I found your blog through 'The Common Room', where I avidly followed your convo w/ HM about courtship. I love the way you think. New follower!

Danica Newton said...

Oh wait, I lied, I can't follow you ... is your follow button hidden?

Queen of Carrots said...

Hmmm . . . I have no idea. I've never tried following anyone, let alone myself. I use Google Reader. Anyway, welcome!