Tuesday, January 26, 2010


If I could just get clothes straight from my mind into reality, I might enjoy acquiring them. This Friday we are attending the annual dinner of the local bar association; I guess I could wear a suit, but it seemed like something a little dressier would be nice. But what? In my mind I picture something that Audrey Hepburn, or at least Katherine Hepburn would wear. Apparently we don't shop at the same stores, though, and I'm left wondering if there is anything decent and dressy in the world that doesn't scream Mother of the Bride, a position I refuse to assume for at least another fifteen years. And in a color other than black. I hate black. (Although, admittedly, it is a color seldom worn by MOTB.)

I finally had to give in to some black, though. Black velvet skirt, black top, gold silk jacket. Black mary-jane ballet shoes because I refuse to sprain my ankles for the sake of looking elegant. I hope it doesn't look too ancient.

There is also the challenge of clothing DOB, which wouldn't be hard except that all his pants have shrunk in the three months since we arrived. This may be due to his ability to walk regularly without injury on the soft ground resulting in increased lower body strength, or it might just be to getting fed three meals a day instead of having two of them left to his own discretion. Anyway, he's assumed nearly normal dimensions and all of his very skinny clothes are suddenly too skinny. I tried letting out a disfavored pair of slacks and tomorrow I shall boldly undertake the suit itself. Fortunately men's dress slacks are designed to be let out and the operation is considerably simpler than I had imagined. If only I could sew a straight seam.

I have also started trying to play the piano for the church we have been attending. I use "trying" advisedly, as the piano in question (the sort sent to old community halls to die) is not one from which a tune can be coaxed. It only produces tunes in response to imperious commands, and even then only about half the time. Some have suggested I try playing the organ instead--well, the organ currently there is equally distressing, but there are a lot of good organs looking for somewhere to be donated to. Naturally me playing anything is an interesting operation, as D4 especially objects to me doing anything at all with my life besides following him around while he explores the world at large.


Tami said...

You have my sympathy with using the piano at the hall, last time we were there we gave up on it and sang a cappella. It was donated by someone that lived nearby, and one fine day rolled down the road to it's new location

awedmanor said...

I'm not saying that the "look at me!" thing is genetic, but it's probably a male trait. At least from my perspective.