Friday, January 01, 2010

Do You Hear What I Hear?

The cousins have had a tradition for the past few years of staging their own Christmas pageant involving a lot of costume changes. With the addition of D1 and D2 we were able to cut the costume changes down to one each.

We tried to persuade the twins to participate as sheep, but although they once offstage put the sheep hats on and said, "Baa," when it came right to it they refused. D4 did manage to scream on cue at the line, "and she brought forth her firstborn son." The dog was also supposed to be a sheep, but refused to come with the shepherds. However, both she and D4 decided to go on with the wisemen.

There's something iconic about children in a Christmas pageant. They forget their lines, they stare the wrong direction, they're wearing bedsheets and old towels. And they are the conduits of deep mysteries.

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