Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Letter of the Law

One of my strict rules about breakfast is that Protein Must Be Eaten, because I want us all to stay alive until lunchtime. So there will be eggs (except when we have cheese toast) and you will eat your eggs before you get your fruit.

Today the twins were questioning this rule.

D4: Nana!
QOC: Your eggs have to be all gone.
D4: (Places egg on table instead of high chair tray.) Nana!
DOB: You have to put your eggs in your mouth.
D3: (Stuffs eggs in mouth) NmphNmph!
DOB: (starts to fix banana for D3, looks back and sees that she is spitting the eggs back out into her bib) And you have to KEEP them in your mouth.

When D1 was on the way, some teenagers speculated that it would be a terrible fate for her having two lawyers for parents--she'd never get away with anything. What they didn't realize was how quickly the relevant skills materialize.

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Carrie said...


Yes, well, we had the Andres over for a weekend and Joshua and I had a similar discussion about a muffin - before the muffin was handed over. Tim remarked that it was going to be hard for our kids to get away with much because I gave out every instruction and disclaimer clearly before handing over the goods.