Thursday, January 07, 2010

Duckling Moments

D2: I can make biscuits all by myself! I just need biscuit dough and someone to do the oven 'cause I can't do the oven.


D3 was very unhappily refusing to go play after supper, yet not sitting contentedly in any laps, either. DOB led her away from the table and insisted she go play. She refused again. Then, suddenly, she saw D2 zoom by on her four-wheeler. "MY BIKE!" she screamed and ran off.


I was looking at a list of the Top 100 Picture Books and realized, with slight sadness, that D1 and D2 are starting to outgrow picture books. There are still many on the list they enjoy, but although their own selections are technically from the picture book section, they're usually long illustrated fairy tales or non-fiction. The ones where the story moves on every other sentence, that used to be necessary to keep their attention, now are too fast.

Surely one of these days the twins will figure out that you have to turn the pages in order to read a book, and then we can begin again.

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Melitsa said...

It happens so fast. They outgrow books. The youngest of mine is just sitting long enough to flip through books and not just skate on them. I realised the middle one didn't do this anymore