Sunday, February 01, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Sunday

Because I'm perpetually behind.


As expected, the bet over whether D4 would be crawling by the end of January wound up in a debate over technicalities (like most Duchy discussions). Is an army crawl a crawl? He's getting up on all fours, but still seems uncertain as to whether to use this power for mere crawling or as a platform for rocket-launching.

D3, meanwhile, has finally figured out rolling both ways but is most impressed with her ability to say, "Mama," although she's still not quite sure what it means.


Today is the annual holiday known as I'm Glad We Don't Have a TV day. I know the internet can be just as bad in some ways, but at least the internet is QUIET. I hate background noise. And in another hour or two, the Superbowl will be over and peace (punctuated by screams) will return.


A quotation from the Duckling Revised Standard: "And the Lord God commanded them to duke it out."


Around here we have these sandwich storms: several inches of snow, then an inch or two of ice, then several more inches of snow, then some more ice. Then a few thaw/freeze cycles. It makes for interesting walking. Which makes for a lot of staying inside if everyone has short legs.


Tomorrow is Groundhog Day, aka Candlemas, aka as the midway point of winter. I made a paper chain countdown to the first day of spring and immediately got depressed by how many days there were left. But at least now we have something to do on each of them.


Chicken-Broccoli Curry Soup
. Yum. (Except I left out the rice and used potatoes and carrots and didn't have cream so I made thick powdered milk. Still just right, especially for a cold and sniffly day.)


Steve said...

Somebody said "A crawl is a crawl is a crawl".

Or they should have said it, anyway.

Zippy said...

I've almost decided that the normal "freeze, thaw, ice, snow, thaw, snow" routine is better than the constant single digit temps we've been having up here. And, yes, it IS depressing to think about how many days are left til Spring. :P