Tuesday, February 10, 2009


There is no better cure for the winter blues than sixty degrees and sunshine.

On the other hand, there's no worse inducer of the winter blues than a houseful of runny noses.

So I guess we're at least breaking even.


One of D2's birthday gifts last year came with a free subscription to a parenting magazine. So I signed up for it, figuring it would at least be good for the picture file. It also gives me a monthly chance to be astonished at the world outside my bubble.

For instance: Did you know that they now have a juice that comes with extra water already added? So you can give your kids less sugary diluted juice without the trouble of pouring water in yourself.

First I'm horrified and think that if anyone does not have time to pour water into juice they really need to reevaluate their life. Then I think, "You know, that probably sounds wonderful to someone who has to have it diluted exactly right and they'll think I'm really mean for mocking it."

But then, if you're mean like me you can never give your kids juice at all.


I hate those hyper-real dreams where you dream you're in a park during an earthquake and there's a chilly breeze blowing and then you wake up and find the covers have all come off and someone is shaking the bed.


The babies slept beautifully last night, which would lend credence to my theory that it's church that messes up their sleep cycles every week and it takes us all week to get them back on track, except that even though we stayed home from church on Sunday they still wouldn't take their proper naps on time. But I will still take what I can get.


What do you do with a child who loves to play in the mud and freaks out whenever he gets mud on him?


CappuccinoLife said...

I laughed out loud the first time I saw that pre-diluted juice.

Rebecca said...

I had no idea they had pre-diluted juice! I actually had no idea that diluting juice had become mainstream. I guess that's cuz I'm mean like you. ;)

the Joneses said...

You mean, you pay for a product that actually advertises that it's mostly water? I stand with my mouth agape.

Ha! No advice for the last item, except... hope you don't go crazy before he gets out of that phase.

-- SJ