Friday, February 27, 2009

At this moment . . .

D4 is covered with flour from crawling through the kitchen and picking up the mess I didn't get cleaned up after the cookies (because the babies woke up right then and I had to feed/change/serve lunch).

D3 is eating a tea bag. I don't know why.

D2 is changing his jeans because he went wading in the basement after the rain storm.

I don't know what D1 is doing and I don't think I want to as it probably involves completely rearranging the furniture somewhere. She'll be eating coleslaw for the rest of the day, apparently, as she served herself and D2 a cup of it while my back was turned and then decided she was full.

I keep thinking I want to make a one-day-in-the-life post to look back on in later years, but then I think, "Nah."

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CappuccinoLife said...

Ah, life....

Wading in the basement-we had a basement like that! Every rainfall resulted in a burbling spring running from one end of the basement to the other!