Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Anniversary of Sorts

Thanks to the blog, I realize that today is Twin Day--one year since the ultrasound technician's offhand remark, "You have two babies."

I still feel about as dazed as I did a year ago. And although they are about 1700% bigger than they were a year ago, we still have two babies.

Subconsciously that surprises me. It's as if I expected to give birth to twins but then at some point they would split up in age and perhaps we'd be back to the more familiar territory of a toddler and a baby. But although they differ drastically in personality, development, and preferences (not to mention gender), they're still two babies.

They've turned a corner in the past month or so. Suddenly nursing is more a drive-by means for nourishment than the major waking activity. There's a world out there to explore, and they mean to explore it, each in their own way. D3 is the meticulous one, examining a single toy or variation in the floor--even her own fingers--for long quiet minutes, during which time D4 has covered three rooms and tried to pull up at least twice.

I have learned a few things about having twins:

The best garments for mobile twins are denim overalls with very sturdy fasteners, to allow for one-handed grabs.

The people who think you shouldn't try to carry both babies at once don't have twins. Or if they do, they don't have tornado warnings.

The reason twins on average have language delays is that their parents are too tired to speak.

The best entertainment for twin babies is older siblings.

(And a note on this picture. This was on our trip and I spotted them running around upstairs like this instead of in bed. I asked what was going on. D1 said, "We're waiting for Papa to take our picture in sunglasses!" D2 added, "AND pajamas." Glad he clarified that.)


Rachelle said...

I'm amazed you can still blog. :) And it sounds like you can still laugh.

Steve said...

Look outside the window, and tell the guy to take his finger off the "pulse" button on the blender that is your house.

At least he's using the soft blades, not the sharp, pointy ones.

Aimee said...

I stumbled across your blog when you were pregnant with your twins. Then another time after they were born. It was the comment (at frugal hacks I think) about long showers being economical if they are a substitute for a much needed massage after a day of nursing twins that hooked me. Now that is a kindred spirit I thought.

My twins are now 2.5 and have a 5 month old brother. Now they are providing entertainment for him.

I like reading about your adventures and recalling the early days of twins!

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