Saturday, July 12, 2008

Now, the part you've really been waiting for

The last "before" picture. New wall color courtesy Wondergirl.

The boys with Papa.

The girls with Grandma.

And after that we started color-coding them.


Fe said...

That last photo is just too cute for words!


SK: ) said...

They are adorable! Congrats to you and DOB—and to D1 and D2 too. :-)

LT said...


Lisa T

the Joneses said...

Oooh. Two babies! And such lovely babies at that!

(Of course, when Darren and I were looking at the pictures, he pointed to D2 and said, "He Is So CUTE." So you've got a good track record.)

And Karen, you look wonderful, especially in the picture where you're carrying 15 pounds of baby. All women would wish to carry their babies so well. Congratulations!!

-- SJ

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! They are so beautiful! God's blessings!

Wendy from Zoom said...

Such big, sweet, beautiful babies!

Melissa said...

love how they put two babies into one crib unit. we saw that while in the hospital with our little one.

your pics are great to see...eric saw them, too. :)

loved reading the birth story, and so glad that you are ALL doing well.


Henry Cate said...

Congratulations. And best wishes. I remember how hard it was just having one child at a time.

Zippy said...

Congrats to you and the Duke. BEAUtiful babies. =) Hope things are goin' well for you.

Kevin & Amy said...

Congratulations! I LOVE the "color-coded" pictures. They are truly beautiful newborns. And great names, too!