Monday, July 28, 2008


D1 was downstairs playing while DOB worked out.

D1: Can you give me some liquor?
DOB: Some what?
D1: Some liquor. I'm making ice cream and I need some liquor.
DOB: You don't need liquor to make ice cream.
D1: Yes, I do. Liquor is the best part of ice cream.

QOC's later query: Perhaps she meant licker, as in the part of the ice cream equipment that you lick? It is all a mystery, as we have never made ice cream.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps she meant liqueur?

Steve said...

There are over three million hits on Google for "ice cream" and "liquor" (which does pull in liqueur as well).

Still doesn't explain the big question - "Where on earth did that come from??"

Anonymous said...

could she have seen some educational "how its of show? Often the flavours are referred to as liqueurs.

Anonymous said...

"how its made" for some reason my typing isn't always getting inputted... perhaps my husband is right and it is time to update our computer! grr!