Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And one from D2

The older ducklings (do we count as a big family once we start referring to the children in clumps?) visit Grandma two nights a week, so that I can have one day in which I really can sleep while the babies sleep (if that happens). We call them up to say good night, and the past several times the conversation with D2 has gone something like this:

QOC: Hello, D2, how are you?
D2: No one is talking.
QOC: I am talking. Can't you hear me? Did you have a good day?
D2: (Plaintively) No one is talking.
QOC: I'm talking and then I stop so that you can talk. Otherwise I would just talk on
and on like this and you would never get a chance to talk.
(More silence.)
D2: No one is talking! (Maniacal laughter.)

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