Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What We Learned On Our Summer Vacation

D2: If you're very small and very cute and you can utter polysyllabic names of juicy summer fruits with an endearing smile, people will continue feeding you said fruits indefinitely.

However, Mama believes that man does not live by strawberries and watermelon alone. So eat your eggs, too.

Walruses are way cool.

D1: I have the best cousin in the world. (Oh, and her brothers are nice, too.)

Rock-climbing is a great hobby.

QOC: It's a good idea to know what your husband thinks was your first date just in case you're ever playing games at an engagement party. (This is where courtship makes it so difficult. Define "date" first. Or maybe this is just where being a lawyer makes things difficult.)

It is fun to visit the zoo with other people. We do not want a zoo pass of our own until more members of the family are self-propelling.

DOB: Find out how to remove the emergency brake on a loaned vehicle before the ferry starts loading.

It really is possible to relax for more than three hours straight. At least if you have a western to read.


le Duc said...

You'll have to refresh me here... I don't remember ever relaxing for three hours straight. At least not in recent memory. ;)

Queen of Carrots said...

Well, you looked relaxed. It's not like I had a timer.