Saturday, July 28, 2007

James James Morrison Morrison

"Disobedience" is D1's favorite poem from When We Were Very Young, whether for its irresistible rhythm, its intrepid three-year-old hero, or its depiction of the evils awaiting parents who disobey their children. ("You must never go down to the end of the town without consulting me.") The last concerns me. We are still sorting out just who is in charge of this house--she is, temperamentally, undoubtedly more qualified, but I still have seniority and experience enough to trump her.

My mother reputedly once accused my eldest sister, when she was very small, of sitting up at night and plotting out new naughty things to do. I used to smirk at the naivete reflected in this tale--by the time the rest of us came along I'm sure she had realized that no premeditation was required. But now I understand how she felt. It was the cry of desparation of a chaotic mind trying desperately to create order, confronted with a very organized mind still, by age and position, allied on the side of chaos.

Give D1 enough skills to run things with minimal supervision and an increase in seniority and she will be an invaluable asset. In the meantime, we are having some interesting moments. Putting a little more structure in the day has helped.

Professionally, I decline and fall, though as a mother I am lapsing into poetry.* I'm reading books on the collapse of the Roman Empire and the Dark Ages, and it's all intriguing. We are also listening to some Gregorian chant, which D2 especially likes, and I found some picture books on early saints, some of which I've read to D1. I always feel sorry for D1 and D2 at being stuck being the oldest, and not getting the trickle-down of Interesting Things the older children are learning. D2 likes to "build castles" with his Duplos now, so I must be succeeding somewhat at my scheme to make it up to them without turning into some sort of Baby Genius fiend.

*There's an obscure literary allusion. Anyone know what it's from?

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