Monday, July 23, 2007

Ducks & Bunnies

We've been doing quite a bit of yard saling lately. The adorable matching bunnies were DOB's idea, while I was looking for winter clothes. (We put initials on the tags to tell them apart; of course, they never bother to look before hauling off the nearest bunny.) Even Amy Dacyzyn (Tightwad Gazette) says it's good to make sure kids get something fun from a yard sale so they will always associate yard sales with good times.

We didn't get the skateboard that was D2's size. The next morning, he was standing up on his bike.


the Joneses said...

Who needs initials on tags to tell them apart? I once was talking to a girl, about six years old, who was holding a live bunny and letting her friend hold another that was identical. I asked its name, and she said, "Mine is Snow White."

"How can you tell which one is Snow White?" I asked.

"It's the one I'm holding," she replied.

You have very cute kids, by the way.

-- SJ

Queen of Carrots said...

Ah, but you forget they're still operating on the Toddler Law, which decrees that the one *you're* holding is mine.

Jaclyn said...

They are getting SO big!!! I started reading your blog 2 1/2 years ago!!! Hope all is well. :-)