Friday, July 27, 2007

The Mom Clothes Catalogue

Rose's post of fashion tips reminds me of my long-standing fantasy of a catalog of clothes that would be suitable for mothers of small children.

Everything would be machine wash and dry on any setting and would not wrinkle just because it happened to sit in the laundry basket for three days. (Unless it was supposed to look wrinkled, in which case it would still be wrinkled the right way.)

All the fabric would be the sort that doesn't look noticeably different when wet or coated with snot. Some fabric is like that now. Unfortunately it's impossible to test this for yourself in a store, so you ordinarily just have to hope you luck out.

The necklines, although varied, would all be tested so that a twenty-five pound toddler could hang from them without revealing anything. Skirts and slacks would all be perfectly comfortable and appropriate even sitting cross-legged on the floor, and would not slide down when tugged on.

They would all be easy to nurse in, and would be able to adapt to at least a fifteen-pound weight gain or loss without fitting strangely.

MOST IMPORTANT POINT OF ALL: Nobody else would be able to tell they were "mom clothes."


Meredith said...

The "Travelers" line from Chico's is almost, almost like that.

I wore my thrift store Chico's ensembles on 4 plane trips and arrived without wrinkles or noticeable spots where a diaper leaked on my leg mid-flight.

SongBirdy said...

Love it!

Naturally the cost should be along thrift budget lines!

Carrie said...

YEAH! Total agreement.

SK: ) said...

Have you tried duct tape? I've seen some pretty amazing, even fashionable, things done with that stuff.

The Benefits:
--Fabric doesn't have to be washed or dried
--Wrinkles are built in
--Fabric isn't affected by "weather" conditions
--25 pounds wouldn't affect a correctly styled neckline
--Clothes made on demand to fit your changing figure and style preferences (This is real life!)
--Covers skin as securely as any fabric on the market, and stays in place
--Clothes can easily be styled to accomodate nursing

The cost might be prohibitive, however.