Friday, September 15, 2006

Too cheap?

So we're minutes away for leaving for a night out (free night at the Children's Museum!), and I have a lovely supper for the road packed up: tortilla wraps with a chicken/bean spread, swiss cheese, and . . . spinach.

And then DOB calls me to say he just remembered to tell me to throw out that bag of spinach in the fridge because there's been an E. Coli outbreak.

I have no other supper-suitable ingredients. I used a lot of very nice, expensive (from my perspective) ingredients to make those. We ate the spinach last night, so we've already been exposed.

We're eating them.

I did find something else for D1's supper, though. She hasn't had any, so she has a chance of escape. I figure we're doomed anyway.

If I die, it was in the interests of frugality. But I'm not feeling very hungry all of a sudden. My stomach is getting queasy.


Mary Ann said...

We had already eaten half of the bag of our spinach before we heard about tthe ecoli danger, so we kept eating it....we figured we would've been sick by then!

Juliana M said...

Another reason to wash food from the store before you eat it!

The Duke said...

Actually, the warning states that washing it does no good. The only way to remove the danger is to boil it.

That's fine, except I'm not a big fan of boiled salad...