Thursday, September 14, 2006

Nothing's Wrong With Me, Thanks

Meandering around the internet, I stumbled across this drug company website with a helpful quiz to figure out if you might be suffering from Adult ADD and thus a prospective customer.

Some of the symptoms that they state indicate Adult ADD:
  • Do you have difficulty concentrating or focusing your attention on one thing?
  • Do you often start multiple projects at the same time, but rarely finish them?
  • Do you have trouble with organization?
  • Do you procrastinate on projects that take a lot of attention to detail?
  • Do you have problems remembering appointments or obligations?
  • Do you have trouble staying seated during meetings or other activities?
  • Are you restless or fidgety?
  • Do you often lose or misplace things?

Hmm . . . and I thought all those things were perfectly normal. Not in the sense of everyone being like that, but within the range of normal behavior, mostly as a natural side-effect of being creative and intelligent. * Being fidgety is even good for your health--burns more calories, and maintains function in your joints better than * being still.

I don't begrudge drug companies their profits--profit is capital, and capital is new developments. But I do begrudge them running around amplifying problems to drum up business. Maybe there is such a thing as Adult ADD that genuinely needs drugging, * and of course you're supposed to talk to your doctor and find out if it's "right for you." But if those traits are all it takes to qualify, a third of the population are good candidates for their drug. Which I'm sure they wouldn't mind.*

Personally, I think it's those other people who have the problem. * I'd like to diagnose them with Excessive Attention to Detail Disorder (EADD--on the obsessive/compulsive disorder spectrum) and give them a pill so they would stop stressing out over minor things and learn to think outside the box. I mean really, in the grand scheme of things, does it matter that I sent the container of straight spaghetti sauce to lunch with DOB and left the dish of sauce mixed with noodles in the fridge? (Actually, DOB is very gracious about such things. He has to be, or he would go crazy. It's better than the time I mistakenly sent him a pound of cheese in his lunch. Or sending him empty bags, which happens all too often.)*

*Just out of curiosity, I stuck in an asterisk every time I surfed away, got up and moved around, or otherwise got distracted. Fidgeting that didn't move my hands off the desk didn't count. I think it's just the power of suggestion. **


CappuccinoLife said...

Ummm, I must have adult ADD. Where' my drugs!!!???!! I should go see my doc and get a perscription, huh? LOL

By the way, Happy Anniversary!

the Joneses said...

I figure that if you don't somehow fit that ADD quiz, you'll be obsessive/compulsive and need medication for that.

-- SJ

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