Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Farewell to Eden

I am no fan of hot weather. But my joy at seeing the temperatures coast back into the low 70's is tempered somewhat this year, as I realize it will require radically readjusting everyone's wardrobe.

In dressing children, my philosophy is simple: The less time and money spent on it, the happier everyone will be. So since April, they've worn little besides hand-me-down t-shirts and whatever protection for the lower regions seems suitable to the current state of potty training, laundry, and my interest in cleaning up messes. D1 gets on sandals and shorts to go out, or a jumper if she is feeling particularly girly. D2 is still innocent of the concept of shoes and was quite alarmed one evening when we put a long-sleeved shirt on him--he couldn't figure out what had happened to the rest of his arms.

But now we must find complete outfits. Here the second-hand clothes become a bit dicey. Not everyone seems to believe in completely interchangeable clothing (don't their children ever eat tomatoes?) and often the tops and bottoms did not survive together. Worse and worse, we have to find shoes. And socks! And all those have to match, too, or at least not look noticeably hideous together.

Plus, there are now twice as many garments to get wet or stained. Twice the laundry.

The good news is, D1 loves her new tennis shoes, which, being white with pink, go with pretty much everything she has. I still haven't gotten my nerve up to put shoes on D2; size 3 is far too small and size 4 is hopelessly big. But sooner or later I'll have had enough of his cold little toes.


Carrie said...

Garage sales to the rescue! I see absolutely no point in putting children under the age of ....*insert reasonably cleaner age*.... in brand new clothing. I don't think Joshua will be wearing one new item ...unless it comes as a gift. The benefit of living where we do is that absolutely no one else seems to share my philosophy! Hence all "garage sale" items are practically brand spanking new. I don't think their children had the chance to spit up on ANYthing. Lucky for me, I guess!

the Joneses said...

I so completely sympathize about winter clothes, especially shoes and socks. At least I don't worry about whether the socks actually match each other.

-- SJ

Stephanie said...

Consignment shops, hand me downs, Last Chance sales and grandparents! I read a blog where the lady said her sister was turning her in to "What Not to Wear" but her daughter was dressed in matchy matchy brand new clothes and such (meaning she didn't care about her own look, but she wanted the BEST for her kid)...I figure Genevieve will never know the difference at this age...why spend all the money? I haven't paid full price for anything yet.

Oh, we put Genevieve in long sleeves starting Labor Day (it was about 50 something out here that day); she is so funny about the long sleeves! Very much "hey, what happened to my arms, Mommy?" She's getting so picky about the feel of clothes, so this season should be interesting...