Tuesday, August 15, 2006


D1 was quite sick yesterday, wanting only to take a few bites of vitamin-enhanced applesauce and go straight back to bed. Heartrendingly pathetic. Today her temperature was down somewhat, and I was trying to get more fluids down her. So I gave her a small glass of water and told her when she finished that one she could have an equivalent glass of juice. I knew she was on the mend when I saw she'd poured it into her bowl while my back was turned.

There are, of course, some adorable things she says right now that we must preserve because they are vanishing by the day:

Alligator: elevator. She actually outgrew this one within a day or two of staying in a hotel, but it was cute while it lasted.

Bici-bikle. Bicycle. It does make more sense as a word from which "bike" would be abbreviated.

American Idol. OK, this is what I thought she was saying. Turns out it was "a motorcycle." I'm much relieved. (And yes, she's totally into Things That Go. Trains are the best, though.)

Yucky-yuk. Although this has no unusual meaning for her, it particularly applies to Things One Hands Mama when One Forgot To Get a Kleenex, and also to the Ten Plagues of Egypt, about which we are reading now.

D2 is making rapid progress towards walking. He's at the point now where he probably could, but hasn't quite realized it yet. Instead he works out elaborate schemes for finding something to hold on to while he walks around the house. He's also very fond of climbing, for which cause we have had to banish D1's stool.


The Duke said...

The best language development tale from D1 is when she was perusing letters and thought "b" was "p" for "Papa."

I said, no, it was "b" for berry, "b" for ball, "b" for blocks . . .

She merrily chimed in, saying, "b" for 'ike!

the Joneses said...

"B for 'ike" is pretty good stuff for such a young child, however!

A&S love riding on "aldegators" (elevators), and it was sad when the word finally evolved into its proper form. Same for "videyehdows," which have now become plain videos. Glad you made a list of D1's cute words, because they do fade.

-- SJ