Monday, August 07, 2006

Good Things

Small children love opening and shutting closet doors. This, of course, can lead to pinched fingers, especially if you have two of them trying to do it simultaneously.

If you are Martha Stewart, you address this problem by sewing cute little pillows that coordinate with your decor and slipping them over the doorknob to keep the door from shutting fully.

If you're me, you leave some wadded-up clothes hanging halfway out of the closet. It accomplishes the same thing.


the Joneses said...

We threw towels over the tops of the doors, which were perfectly functional, if not charming.

-- SJ

shannon @ rocks in my dryer said...

Just have to tell you how great your blog is! Can't even remember now how I found it, but I'm really enjoying it.

Rose said...

Yikes, I hadn't even thought of this one yet. I'm still rejoicing that Jane can't open doors yet and therefore the toilet is still safe.