Monday, August 07, 2006

Food on the table (and the floor, and the cabinet)

The ducklings and I have a slight difference of opinion as to the best way to handle the situation when they are hungry and I don't have the meal ready yet. I think the logical response would to be to say, "Mom, I'm hungry," (or whatever version of that they can linguistically manage), followed by leaving the room to go play with blocks for the next half hour.

They think the best thing to do is reiterate the importance of the situation by clinging to my knees and wailing, a position in which I find it difficult to wield a hot skillet. D1 varies this response somewhat by eating the ingredients.

Sometimes I do just put them in their room, drag out the blocks, and put the gate up. They don't usually mind. But most of the time I miss them when I do that, plus I like to indoctrinate them in the virtues of helping with supper as soon as possible.

Of course this could all be resolved if meals were always ready half an hour sooner than whenever it was I had planned to have them. Soon we'd be eating supper at ten in the morning.


Kevin & Amy said...

This is difficult for us, too. Meredith is ALWAYS hungry before we are because her stomach is smaller. I either have to let her snack throughout the day or have her eat early without us. We don't eat dinner until 6:30, because Kev has to work until then, and Meredith is always hungry by 5:30.

In the perfect world, I suppose all of our hunger clocks would be synchronized.

the Joneses said...

Until recently, I always fed the kids before Darren got home. Two suppers every night was pretty fun... but at least it made the loudest members of the family happy. Then I began scheduling Video #2 for the 5:30-6:00 slot, which wasn't much for indoctrinating A&S with a desire for helping with supper, but it did keep them out of my way and made a happier welcoming committee for Daddy.

-- SJ

Devona said...

I just fill the sink with water and let Olivia wash the dishes. I don't know what I'm going to do with 2.