Thursday, June 22, 2006

Now we are two

I think D1 had a good birthday. I didn't do anything spectacular. She poured water, she sorted buttons, and she helped me make a cake and salad. We made her a new crown for the occasion. We're having the official party on Sunday at Grandma's house.

Since I don't have any normal cake pans, I used a largish cheesecake pan and a smallish casserole pan to make two different-sized circles. I'm hoping the Cake Decorating Fairy will visit me tomorrow and show me how to turn them into a fluffy white duck. She used to visit me often, but I'm not sure she has my new address. If not, perhaps we'll have a fluffy white snowman birthday, which is what the cakes look like now. We could use the cold; it nearly reached 100 today, or so I've heard. I certainly didn't go outside to verify it.

The only fairy visiting me today was the Good Fairy, reminding me not to bop any fieldmice on the head, nor any other small, adorable people who might be getting on my nerves. D2 was cranky from his immunization, and the only thing that would make him happy was bouncing up and down on my scar, slobbering on my nose. I did dishes every chance all day and still couldn't catch up, and that was without trying to reclaim the ones that had been carried all through the house. I was doing potty-training wrong. I was teaching letter sounds wrong. I was crabby and could barely keep my voice within normal decibel ranges.

My black mood broke with the thunderstorm that started as DOB came in the door. My sanctification must not have progressed very far to be so easily affected by air pressure, but there it was. Supper was good. The children were happy (well, D2 still was in a fragile mood). D1 asked to go and made it on time. We had a party of cake crumbs and milk and birthday cards. I finished all the dishes.

DOB hid the ball for D1 behind the hamper. "There's a birthday present for D1 behind the hamper," he said.

She ran to look, and pulled it out, exclaiming, "Ball! Ball!" with delight.

Then she paused, and with indignation and concern in her voice, asked "Where D1's present?"

We explained that the ball was the present, and all was well.


the Joneses said...

Happy birthday to D1! I discovered your blog shortly after she was born, so it surprises me that she's 2 now.

Air pressure does terrible things to moods. Almost as bad as hormones, and just as reasonable.

-- SJ

the Joneses said...

Light - especially the lack thereof - also does terrible things to moods.

Happy birthday, D1! Enjoy the ball - it looks very colorful.


the Joneses said...

(You can imagine how happy our household is during grey winter weeks.)

-- SJ

Queen of Carrots said...

I think part of the problem yesterday was I was feeling unusually frugal and tried to get by without turning on lights. Not a good day to try it.

Has it been that long? I think it has. Addie was not much older than D1 is now. "'How time flies,' was Mrs. Lynde's original remark."

CappuccinoLife said...

Happy Birthday 'ducky'! ;)

She is so adorable!

Devona said...

Happy Birthday D1.

Liv has that same ball. It's quite a wonderful ball, and has never failed to make her happy.

Except when Sherman the Puppy tries to take it. But then I guess it's the dog and not the ball that is disappointing.

And I really like the birthday crown. Very stylish.