Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Does NOT work for me

Flipping through a women's magazine at the chiropractor's office (an activity whose usefulness corresponds with the amount of time I have to devote to it while keeping the ducklings from playing with the adjusting table), I spotted a brief piece on speed cleaning tips for a clean kitchen in five minutes.

Essentially, if you had nothing on your counters, you could wipe them all down in two minutes. Then a quick wipe on the appliances and a dab at the floor with a mop, and voila! A clean kitchen.

Not mentioned was the part about scraping globs of tomato soup out from under the toddler's table, washing the three pots from supper and a frying pan that never got cleaned after breakfast, or even the stack of plates and bowls. Much less were there any helpful suggestions on where on earth I could store my blender, crock pot, tea kettle, Kitchenaid, and grain grinder, all of which I use weekly if not daily and the last two of which I can hardly even lift, anywhere besides the counter.

So, if you only use your kitchen to order pizza, or if you just spent forty-five minutes cleaning it, you can clean it in five minutes. I feel so much better now.


the Joneses said...

Maybe the article is assuming you have somebody else cleaning your kitchen and you just do touch-ups. Or maybe their Kitchen Fairy is more reliable than ours.

-- SJ

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

The father of a friend of mine was a landlord. HE has apartments. He likes to tell horror stories about the messes tenants sometimes leave behind- things like, not giving notice and leaving ten cats locked inside with no food or water, garbage strewn about foul bathrooms, you get the picture.
So she asked her dad once why she never heard horror stories about the kitchens. He said that the ovens are always spotless because tenants like that never cook.

Queen of Carrots said...

And I presume they also don't worry about what their house looks like when unexpected company arrives, and thus never use the oven to stow dirty dishes.