Tuesday, June 06, 2006

D1 and I have a Theological Conversation (I Think)

D1 is at the stage of talking where she really can say quite a lot, and is obviously thinking about quite a lot more, and if you spend all day listening to her you can guess at a fair amount of what she's saying, but you're never quite sure. So this is my best guess at what went on yesterday, leaving out all the ramblings I couldn't quite follow:

D1 (flipping through her Bible and singing): Singing God.
QOC: Oh, are you singing about God? That's good.
D1 (after some more humming and mumbling): Another God.
QOC: No, there's not another God. There's only one God. You could sing another song to God, though.
D1 (after another interval): Two gods?
QOC: No, only one God.
D1 (holding up her index finger): One God. One God.


Devona said...

Very deep. And orthodox as well.

Kevin & Amy said...

Cute. My daughter is already very verbal and I'm bracing myself for many, many conversations. I hope I can handle it well.