Friday, April 07, 2006

Taken to the Cleaners

One of the lowest spots of the move from our old house was pulling my wedding dress out of the closet and discovering that it was covered with mold spots. (Don't store your wedding dress close to an outside wall, girls.) We should have taken it to the cleaners right away, of course, but the present is more important than the past and what with one thing and another it was still sitting in the closet last week when we got a coupon in the mail.

The cleaners had several locations, so I looked them up on Mapquest, and found one located in a familiar area, although it was a 10 minute drive away or so. I told DOB what I was going to do, and he looked at the list of locations.

"What about this one that's down the road?" he asked.

Sure enough, they had an address that was obviously within a couple blocks of us. Very well, I would go to that one. He thought it was in the shopping center right next to the apartment complex.

So on my way out Wednesday morning, I set out in search. I didn't see it in the first shopping center, but thought I should circle around and go back through. Left, left, right, left again. No cleaners, and I was back on the main road. I looked carefully all along the left side of the road (the number was even, like ours), and finally made it to a spot where I could see that the numbers were getting too small. I turned around in the shopping center next to Walmart. Left, left, right again. No cleaners.

I drove back to the only area between them, hoping that somehow the insurance agency there might be concealing a dry cleaners somewhere on the premises. It was not. Finally in desparation I got out my phone and dialed the number.

I must have dialed something wrong, because I was getting an error signal when I lifted up my eyes and behold, a sign was given to me. Specifically, the sign of "Concord Custom Cleaners," directly across the road.

They didn't have an entrance opposite where I was, but I recklessly crossed diagonally through five lanes of traffic.

The lady who looked at the dress was sympathetic but not very optimistic. Still, she said she'd do what she could. I should be able to pick it up tomorrow.


Zippy said...

Ugh . . . that bites. Sorry. I hope they can clean it!

Jaclyn said...

I am so sorry to hear about the dress! :( I have heard that you can have them shrink-wrapped and watter sealed... but it costs a bundle!

Grace said...

Did you get the dress back? How did it turn out?

Queen of Carrots said...

We got it back on Tuesday. There were a few small mold spots left, but it was a lot better. I don't really want it sealed because I like to wear it from time to time. And DOB says it looks ok to him. ;-)