Monday, April 10, 2006

Feeding baby

Whatever I do with D2, D1 wants to do with her "baby." She changes its diaper; she sings it songs and puts it to bed on the back of the rocking horse (don't ask me, it was Papa's idea); she has been known to pull up her shirt and give it a snack. Today she gave it a bath in the kitchen sink.

This evening, when I was giving D2 his sweet potatoes and applesauce, she climbed up on a chair and wanted to help. Already having enough to deal with, what with D2 wanting to put the spoon in for himself and hitting his nose as often as not, I suggested that instead she take another spoon and go feed her baby.

She happily climbed down and sat on the floor with her baby and the spoon. Then she pulled up her jumper and shirt and proceeded to spoon-feed it from under there.

I'm not sure what La Leche League would think of that method.


Devona said...

I think that they'd ok it. ;)

The advice I've read is that if a child has a hard time learning to latch, the best way to suppliment is with expressed milk from a spoon.

Now I'm surprised that D1 has that good of aim to express directly onto the spoon. lol

Queen of Carrots said...

Do they really? I never knew that (fortunately mine were both good nursers from the start). Now how did she figure that out? ;-)

Devona said...

Stroke of Genius. ;)

Grace said...

Oh, that's hilarious! My 4yodd used to nurse her baby when my last one was born. I made sure to take pictures.;-)

blessedmomma said...

I actually had to express onto a spoon once. Our van was stuck sideways in a snowbank on a hill. I didn't dare to unbuckle our baby and he was screaming with hunger. I found a spoon in the diaper bag and started expressing into it, then reaching over his head and feeding him. He loved it. I think this has to be one of the funniest things I've ever done as a mom.