Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Art in Balance

Last night was sweet potato and sausage casserole night. I decided to make an herb and cheese biscuit to go along with it, and I had some lemon and parmesan to go on some mixed greens. It turned out just right--the savory biscuit against the sweet main dish and the tartness and crunchiness of the salad. Not five-star fare, but really good.

The real triumph, though, was not getting a good supper on the table. It was getting a good supper on the table while catching up on the laundry, keeping the kids happy and busy and not being an exhausted wreck at the end of the day.

Every other art form reaches its highest expression in those who can clear away all distractions and work only on their art form, whether it be food or paint or words. But homemaking is the art of keeping all the other arts in balance and not letting anything slide too much. It's the art of working within limits; it's the art of embracing your distractions.

This is why Martha Stewart, love her or hate her, is not really a representative of the art of homemaking. She doesn't have the limits. Sure she can make a fabulous fancy cake and a hand-stenciled border, but can she do it without a staff and with a teething six-month-old on hand? I think not. She might be good at some of the subsidiary arts of homemaking, but she's not pulling off the real thing.

And of course, like any artist, I'm not at the top of my game every day. Also, I hear one of my (very adorable) distractions waking up.

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Zoanna said...

You crack me up. I just found your blog via Danielle's (dancebythemoon.blogspot.com).
You are so right about Martha Stewart. She's got nothing on us, huh? Stirring spaghetti sauce with a baby on one hip and a phone to the ear on the same side as the stirring hand, while kicking Legos out of the way with the left foot and nudging the dog away with the right knee and closing the fridge with your bottom while motioning to your husband that the noodles can be dropped into the pot anytime now......Yes, we should have our own show. I take that back. We DO have our own show. It's just that cameras aren't rolling.

By the way, will you post your cheese and herb rolls recipe and let me know when you do? Thanks! And thanks for doing your part to preserve the true art of homemaking and the science of mothering.